Here are some projects I contributed to.

Tessellated manifold triangulations

A script to study manifolds obtained by gluing copies of a certain polyhedron (here only $P^5$ is implemented, but in theory the code could be reused with other polyhedra). It heavily relies on the beautiful library Regina, which allows to build manifolds from a triangulation and then compute various topological invariants, such as the $n$-th homology groups, a presentation of the fundamental group, and many more.

Source code


An open-source software that can be used to host Mathematical Team Competitions (Gara a Squadre), a contest where students compete in teams of 7. The server handles the submission of answers from the competitors and displays scores and standings in real time.

Source code Website

Lupus in Real Time

A web server that is used to host a role-playing game called Lupus in Real Time. It is a variant of the game Werewolf where days in-game correspond to days in real life, so a game usually lasts a couple of weeks.

Source code Website